DR-RASHEL Collagen Face Soap Anti Aging Lifting Firming Facail Cleanser 100g DRL-1386

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  • Foaming clear cleansing bar with Gold, Collagen    (from fish, NOT chicken, cow or pig).
  • Doesn’t go soft or “melt” easily in your bathroom.
  • Non-drying – doesn’t cause your skin to become dry like other soap.
  • Cleansing – cleanse the skin off grime, make up residue, dirt etc.
  • Anti-Aging – with gold, the popular anti-aging ingredient to restore skin radiance and beauty.
  • Whitening – clarifies the skin, leaving skin brighter and clearer.
  • Lifting & Firming – with collagen to gradually restore skin elasticity for improved firmness.
  • Pore minimizing – leaves skin smoother with visibly reduced pores.



Effectively clean the grease and dirt, increase skin elasticity, make the skin delicate soft, shiny, brightening color, whitening moisturizing, essential oils nourish, while able to regulate the skin, the skin is healthy.

How to use:

Take the right amount, with a small amount of water to play a rich foam after the gentle massage the face, the secretion of more than the T-shaped parts of the fingers can be carefully massage with your fingers for more than 10 seconds, and finally washed with warm water. also you can use it in the shower,because it have thick foam.


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