Dr.Rashel Professional Skin Care Ampoule Arbutin Niacinamide Essence Skin Whitening Serum Makeup Primer Fade Spots Serum 50ml DRL-1434

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  • 100% Authentic Product
  • Efficacy: whitening, freckle removing, moisturizing and moisturizing
  • Are you bothered by dry, spotty skin?
  • Are you sad because your skin is dark and uneven?
  • Now with this product you don’t have to worry about all the problems
  • Stick to long-term use, see the effect
  • Note: please avoid exposure to sunlight when using
  • Go out at ordinary times also should wipe prevent bask in, avoid again suntan
  • Niacinamide + plant VC, transfer melanin
  • High concentrations of glycyrrhizic acid accelerate skin whitening absorption
  • Natural NFM hyaluronic acid can penetrate into skin and keep skin active
  • DR. Rashel new bright white purification repair skin desalination Color Spot Facial essence 50ML



Contains arbutin and niacinamide ingredients, this highly-efficacious facial serum brightens and clarifies skin for increased radiance. Over time, it diminishes the number and intensity of even deep-set dark spots and skin discolorations. Minimizes the appearance of a broad spectrum of dark spots, Daily, continuous use results in visibly brighter, more radiant skin

How to use:

Treat skin morning and night by dispensing 2-4 pearl-sized drops of product into the palm of your hand and applying evenly on areas of discolorations such as sun spots and dark patches.


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