MENOW Liquid Foundation Concealer Blemish Balm BB Face Makeup Light Dark Shades

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  • Quantity: 1PC.
  • Concealer / whitening, makeup natural high, skin full of Tianshui embellish.
  • Can you help whitewash late at night after the panda eyes, dull tired, rescue your beauty.
  • After smearing the skin looks like a sparkling gown for 10 hours.
  • Only need a little, a step that is the perfect nude make-up perfect presentation, contact.
  • Low sensitivity, super mild, hyperpigmentation.
  • Covering capacity, oil control, pox, whitening.
  • Docile and delicate, isolation protection, invisible pores.
  • Refreshing moisture, light oil control, uniform skin tone.
  • Shade Color: as picture.
  • Net weight: 30ml.
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