DR.RASHEL Argan Oil Morroco With Keratin Hair Care Treatment Hair oil 60ml DRL-1018

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  • Argan Oil With Keratin
  • Hair Deep Nourishment & Long Lasting
  • Usage :​1-  Used independently : Immediately improved bifurcation, 2-3 drops of essential oil when dry hair, even put on the hair, or damaged hair tail rinse immediately improve dry hair knotted phenomenon.
  • 2-  Hair care and styling : You can use a hair dryer or curling iron rods before using heat insulation effect,allowing the hair to minimize the degree of injury, and can make different hair styling.
  • 3-  Sun protection : UV-resistant, in a sunny place to swim or touch a few drops on the hair can reduce UV damage to the hair.​
  • 4-  With the shampoo use : Make hair more smooth brighter, add 2-3 drops of shampoo  mixed with shampoo recommended type of shampoo with deep cleansing water pay better results, gently massage for five minutes, wash after the hair softer and more smooth brighter.
  • 5-  With the use of hair mask : Mask absorption doubled, adding 3 drops of essential oil and about doing hair mask hair mask mix, the results raise 1-2 times after the finish.



Moro Gee Glycerin is one of the valuable product of Morocco, recognized as the world golden liquid. Its extracts can effectively repair cuticles and smooth rough cuticles. Avoid hair damage and make hair shiny.

How to use:

Apply 2-3 drops of Our Dr.Rashel Argan Hair Oil on the hair after wash and dry your hair,which will make hair smooth,bright and prevent hair from damage .


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